Friday, May 17, 2013

V2V or P2V failed state and cannot remove VM

Recently I was working with a customer on a VMware to Hyper-V migration. We were leveraging the great inbuilt V2V tool that is part of Virtual Machine Manager 2012. At some point during the virtual-to-virtual conversion the process failed.

After the conversion failed the VM was listed in Virtual Machine as 'Virtual-to-virtual conversion failed'. I decided to clean up the vm and restart the process.
- I tried to delete the VM with no luck.
- I then tried to repair the VM and this also failed as well.

Repairing in the past generally resolves a "stuck" VM. As a result I had to follow the below procedure to clear the error message and allow the VM to be deleted.

Please note this procedure is not a Microsoft official supported procedure and should be carried out with caution (make sure you take a backup of the VMM Datbase):

Backup the VMM 2012 Database:
1. Launch the Virtual Machine Manager Console and go to the 'Settings' view. In the settings view click 'Backup'.

Edit the relevant table in the VMM Database:
1. Launch SQL Management Studio. Expand the 'VirtualManagerDB' database.


2. Expand 'Tables' and scroll down and find 'dbo.tbl_WLC_VObject'.

3. Edit the table and search for the "stuck" VM.

4. We then want to find the 'ObjectState' column for that VM and change the value to '1' and press Enter.

5. In Virtual Machine Manage refresh the Cluster.

6. After the Cluster refreshes the VM can now be deleted.

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